Pimp Your Wordpress®

Want to take your Wordpress® site to the next level? Choose from speed, security and search optimisations designed for websites with BIG ambitions.

LoopyJuice™ - £399

Work towards Google domination today starting with a complete SEO audit and feature overhaul of your Wordpress® website. We will enhance your Wordpress® installation with pre-configured plugins to maximise organic search potential along with setting up a host of optimisation enhancements like page titling, meta descriptions, automated sitemap submissions, webmaster tools activation, enhanced meta such as Opengraph and much more. LoopyJuice offers instant SEO improvements in addition to providing site owners fine grained control over their own SEO going forward.

Lockdown™ - £349

Wordpress® is the worlds most popular content management system which also makes it strong target for cyber attacks. Fortunately Lockdown introduces a range of rock solid measures to ramp up the security of your website, in addition to step by step incremental testing to ensure all site functionality remains intact. Thwart would be attackers by covering the basics in addition to some meatier enhancements to provide long term peace of mind.

Fastlane™ - £249

KISSMetrics state 40% of people abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Now you can guard against losing traffic by boosting your websites performance with advanced page caching, CDN asset delivery, database optimisations as well as squishing your site footprint to its absolute minimum, helping to reduce server load and maximize delivery speed. Each performance enhancement is incrementally added and unit testing to ensure your website continues to run properly.

Pandora™ - £849

Jack your Wordpress® website to the max and prepare for web domination with Pandora, the all encompasing optimisation enhancement. We have combined our three optimisation products into one fantastic product with an incredible price tag. Benefit from hundreds of individual tweaks and feature upgrades that alone would cost thousands all rolled into one amazing upgrade pack.

What are your waiting for?

Complete the form opposite and take the first step towards boosting your Wordpress® website performance with one of our awesome pimp kits bringing a host of benefits including:

  • Enhanced SEO offering improved organic search rank
  • Rock solid security to combat cyber threats
  • Lightning performance to keep visitors happy
  • Integreated and tested by Wordpress experts

If we did not build your website, upgrade will be subject to evaluation of your web hosting and Wordpress website. If we deem your website is not eligable for pimping there will be no cost. We may also advise additional steps necessary to make your website eligable for pimping, for example upgrading your Wordpress installation. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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